Terms and Conditions, Cancellations and Usage Policies

Thanks for choosing Loftstudios

The following is the cancellation policy and usage policies that applies to all of the spaces.  By using our booking service, you are agreeing to the following.


Loftstudios will guarantee a full refund with at least 7 calendar days notice of a cancellation, from confirmed booking date. 
Refunds take 5-7 business days to process back to your original payment method. 


Loftstudios  will allow you to decide whether you want to have:

  • Option 1: STUDIO CREDITS (at 70% of booking fee) for your next visit, and you can re-book for a later date.

  • Option 2: PARTIAL REFUND (50% of booking fee).  

Refunds take 5-7 business days to process back to your original payment method. 


Loftstudios does NOT provide any REFUNDS or STUDIO CREDITS for any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice. Also, anyone who does not show during their booking time will be charged the full amount of their booking.


Please make every effort to be on time for your booking at the space.  If you know you will be delayed more than 10 minutes, please inform us via the respective studio's Instagram DM.  No STUDIO CREDITS, TIME IN KIND or REFUNDS will be made for late entry. 


Extending hours with prior notice and payment is sometimes possible, please make every effort to ask for extensions as soon as possible on the day via DM or text.  A rate will be worked out and payment will be made via interac direct. If not informed prior at all, see Late Exit below:


Without being informed prior (see Extending Hours), fees for overrun on time / late exits are as follows:

  • $1.00 per minute, first 15 mins

  • $2.00 per minute, 15-30 mins

  • $3.00 per minute 30-60 minutes

  • $5.00 per minute after closing (11:00pm)


As long as it is legally possible at the time of your booking for us to operate the space, you are bound by the cancellation policy above.  IF it becomes illegal / impossible for us to operate, FULL STUDIO CREDITS (100%) will be provided to you for a new, later date when lockdown ends.


All Loftstudios are in commercial / residential buildings with minimal disturbances.  We have made investments to ensure sound dampening and mitigation efforts for a ‘sound safe’ environment.  We cannot and will not ever say ‘sound proof’ as this would be impossible unless we rebuilt and relocated.  

We do have neighbours, and they have a right to the enjoyment of their spaces with music or otherwise.  Most are quite agreeable and maintain mostly quiet situations, but it always depends on the day.  Loftstudios will NOT provide any REFUNDS, STUDIO CREDITS or compensation due to ‘wild sound’ experienced while recording in any of our spaces.


All bookings are provided with calendar links and receipts from your respective payment method.  Contact studiomanager@motionandstill.com.




The person renting the studio is responsible for making sure these guidelines are followed by every member of their team. Failure to follow these guidelines will be grounds for additional charges and/or the refusal to refund the damage security deposit.


Loftstudios by Motion and Still appreciates the cooperation in observing these rules. We require everyone to respect our spaces and leave the studios clean and tidy in order to avoid additional fees.


1.  When booking time, you MUST indicate the number of guests / crew, and intentions / visions for using the space.  DM via the respective instagram handle of the space you have booked. 


2. All photo shoots 6 hours in length or more will be asked to provide ID and a credit card damage security deposit in amounts from $300.00 to $750.00, depending on the studio that is booked and crew size / impact.


3.  All permanent marks and/or damages will be subjected to a cleaning fee and additional repair.  Damage to furniture and/or plants will incur fees or cash taken from the deposit. Cleaning fees start at $80.00 + HST per hour.


4. Renter is required to put away anything moved, wipe down surfaces and clean any mess off the floor prior to departure to avoid additional cleaning fees. Permanent marks left on the furniture, walls or floor will be subject to professional cleaning fees/services.


5. All garbage brought into the studio must be put into garbage bins inside the studio. Any garbage not properly disposed of will be subject to a cleaning fee.


6. The Following Substances are NOT permitted: Cigarette smoke, GLITTER (NONE, EVER), fire, old-style smoke machines (that set off smoke alarms), smoke bombs, real weapons, knives.  If you use makeup or body oils, please do not use the furniture or lean against any walls. Any damage to the premises as a result of stains will be subject to cleaning fees.


7. Limited amounts of alcohol may be brought in; depending on your purposes.  Please be responsible, and of legal drinking age.  We are cannabis friendly, as noted on each space’s page); please use ashtrays and be responsible in your consumption.


8. Any missing items, damages incurred to equipment or studio belongings is solely the responsibility of the renter. The renter is required to cover costs for missing or damaged items at the discretion of the studio manager via interac direct, online invoice, or credit card.


9.  Please keep the noise level to a reasonable volume, including any use of music, in order to be respectful of our neighbours.  High intensity music, loud screaming dialogue, etc must be cleared with us in advance. 


10. Overtime not approved beforehand is charged immediately after the original booking end time at $2.00 per minute for the first 30 mins, $3.00 per minute thereafter.  Anything after 11:00 pm closing time is a minimum of $5.00 per minute. 


11. Please ensure you take all of your belongings with you upon departure. We are not responsible for any items left behind.


12. Motion and Still Inc. is not responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries to cast or crew when using any studio.  Please be careful and take steps to protect yourself during your booking.


13. No pornographic content or anything depicting rape or derogatory / defamatory imagery can be shot at any of the Loftstudios. We will not sign releases for anything like this, and you may be pursued legally. 


14. All Loftstudios are monitored by security cameras. These are set up and operated to collect the minimum amount of information to be effective.   This helps reduce the intrusion on individuals’ privacy. 


Specifically: Cameras are not aimed at areas where people have a heightened expectation of privacy, (changing areas & washrooms). We’ve ensured steps were taken so that cameras cannot be adjusted or manipulated by the operator or renter to capture images in such areas.  These are a passive security measure used for deposit collection and logging of damage.